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Isharah Nijhan Knox, aka "Therapist Shar is fun-loving soul that wants to help the world. Her love and passion is to help others and people around her, including getting rid of the negative stigma around Mental Health. Therapist Shar has a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and is currently working towards her Mental Health Counselor/Therapist License. Therapist Shar has 10 years experience in the Human Service field.


Therapist Shar's achievements includes:


  • Providing counseling to low income children & families at the Harlem Family Institute

  • She provided individual and group counseling to the LGBTQI community at GMHC

  • She has 8 years working in the mental health field

  • Therapist Shar enjoys hanging with her family & friends, traveling, watching Golden Girls, traveling, and of course her new podcast – Talk that Talk

Isharah Knox, - Therapist

Bebuo Christianne Ewa aka "Coach Chris" is a life living enthusiast. Her mission is to motivate others to see the exponential possibilities that exist in their lives while building a greater understanding of their personal value. “Coach Chris” as they call her is a 10-year veteran social worker who has worked in various fields of social work from peer groups to behavioral skills training for youths in care. She is also a life coach for millennial professionals and a business coach supporting companies in building strong staff relationships and increasing employee work ethic. Bebuo Christianne loves food, travel and psychology and now she loves her new podcast “Talk That Talk.”

Bebuo Christianne Ewa,- Life & Business Relations Coach

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